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North America’s Oldest Titi Monkey Dies at Denver Zoo

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North America’s oldest titi monkey, named Cinnamon, died at the Denver Zoo this week at the age of 31, and she was one of only three coppery titi monkeys in North American zoos, according to the Denver Gazette.

“She loved grooming her companions and was fast friends with every monkey she met,” the Denver Zoo said during a tribute that was posted on their official Facebook page, adding that Cinnamon loved bananas, hard-boiled eggs and playing with zip ties.

Coppery titi monkeys, which can live into their early 20s and over 25 years in captivity, also called red titis, are indigenous to northwest South America, and inhabit the Amazon forests of Peru and Brazil, according to the New England Primate Conservancy.

The Denver Zoo said that zookeepers noticed changes in Cinnamon’s health in recent weeks, and discovered that she was in late-stage kidney failure. As Cinnamon condition and quality of life declined, the Denver Zoo made the “difficult decision to humanely euthanize her.”

“Cinnamon was a beloved resident of Denver Zoo, and will be missed by her keepers, volunteers, staff and guests alike,” the Zoo said.

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