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Sacramento Zoo Welcomes Baby Giraffe

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The Sacramento Zoom is celebrating a new addition, as Shani the giraffe gave birth to a female calf on January 22nd, making the her the 21st calf born at the Sacramento Zoo since 1954, saying that the calf was “healthy and nursing well from mom.”

“They are spending time together inside the barn, and while they are not yet visible to guests, you can rest assured she is happy and warm with mom,” the Sacramento Zoo shared on their official Facebook page. “Stay tuned for when she will be out for guests to see.”

“Shani and her calf have been spending time together inside the giraffe barn, and it sure looks like our little gal has found her legs and is ready to explore a little further,” the zoo said. “Starting tomorrow, the pair will have the opportunity to venture out into the side yard just off the main giraffe habitat near the barn.”

“The ability to see them will be weather dependent, and mom and calf will always have the choice whether to stay in the barn or come outside,” they continued.

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